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  • Aston Barclay is the UK’s leading independent remarketing group and third largest vehicle auction house. It understands the importance automotive companies place on their used vehicle operations through the transition from retail to wholesale market place.

    The group’s suite of intuitive digital solutions combine with a network of state-of-the-art physical remarketing hubs to connect customers with vehicles and maximise returns at all stages of the used vehicle lifecycle.

    Partnering with Aston Barclay enables V12 Vehicle Finance to provide a seamless used vehicle proposition and powerful hub that’s unique to our industry.

    How do I get started with Aston Barclay?

    1. Your Aston Barclay Stock Funding account can be used at any Aston Barclay centre or through any of their digital auctions
    2. Quote your Aston Barclay account number to fund the vehicle
    3. Funding will be confirmed (dependent on your account status) and we’ll pay the invoice price to the auction house


    Aston Barclay Used Market Insights Report Q4 2019

  • Physical & Digital Auctions

    Aston Barclay is the leading independent UK auction group with six physical auction sites in England that are supported by a range of digital auctions. Focussed on delivering a first-class service for buyers and vendors, Aston Barclay runs comprehensive physical and digital auctions each week for its dealer, fleet, manufacturer and leasing company vendors. And by using an advanced Buyer’s App, dealers can locate, bid on and fund a used car directly from their smartphone or tablet. For more details, go to:

    Where are Aston Barclay auctions?

    Aston Barclay has centres in Chelmsford (Essex), Leeds (Yorkshire), Wakefield (West Yorkshire), Prees Heath (Shropshire), Westbury (Wiltshire) and Donington Park (East Midlands).

    With a press of a button on the Aston Barclay Buyer’s App, you can convientely add vehicles to your Stock Funding plan.

    Find out about Aston Barclay Enhanced

    All vehicles are prepared to a very high standard thanks to Aston Barclay Enhanced, a SMART repair and refurbishment service. Work costing up to 10% of the vehicle’s hammer price (capped at £1,000) can be undertaken and added to the loan.

    Why choose Aston Barclay Enhanced?

    • Refurbishment work is carried out before delivery of your vehicle on the Aston Barclay auction site
    • Costs of up to 10% of the vehicle’s value (up to a maximum of £1,000) can be added to the loan
    • Work can include bumper scuff repairs, alloy wheel, refurbishment and dent removal
    • Aston Barclay Enhanced is available at all Aston Barclay auction sites

    How does it work?

    Trained Aston Barclay Enhanced Heroes take a short video of your new purchases highlighting areas that can be enhanced before delivery. The video is sent to you by SMS and email, along with the anticipated costs of the work. With the tap of a finger, you can choose to either accept or refuse the jobs for Aston Barclay to complete for you.

  • e-Valuate

    With the e-Valuate vehicle appraisal App, you can accurately appraise incoming vehicles with valuations referenced from CAP used car data or a customer’s own pricing matrix, as well as get a guaranteed purchase price from The Car Buying Group. All data captured, including inspection reports and images, is saved so that you can decide whether the vehicle is kept for retail or uploaded to a wholesale disposal channel.

  • e-Xchange

    The e-Xchange platform gives you the power to sell stock anytime and anywhere. By fixing the duration for which the vehicle is to be advertised for disposal, as well as set a ‘buy it now’ and a minimum reserve price, you’re in control. When the vehicle is sold, the buyer can arrange logistics and payments with you. If the vehicle is unsold, it flows into either a physical or online auction.

  • We have created a helpful tool so that you can find your local auction within a 25 radius of your postcode. Aston Barclay have six state of the art auction centres located in Chelmsford, Donington Park, Leeds, Prees Heath, Wakefield, Westbury and Online/digital auction facilities.

    Find your nearest Aston Barclay Auction