How do you decide what stocking plan is right for you?

  Auction Partner Trade & Forecourt
I prefer to use one Auction House to buy all my cars from X  
I'd like to be able to split my funding X X
I'd like to be able to stock fund vehicles easily via an App X  
I have an Auction Account, but would like to apply for Stock Funding X X
I have accounts with several auction houses but want to choose who to buy from. X Available via Click Dealer
I would like a plan with up to 120 days financing X X
Is the single funding value of £65,000 the same for all plans? X X
I'd like to be able to manage my funding within one facility (CALMS) (CALMS)
I'd like to be able to stock fund part-exchange vehicles   X
I'd like to be able to stock fund trade vehicles   X

CALMS is our in-house platform for managing your stock funding account

What does CALMS allow me to do? You can:-

  • Manage your company details and review your approved credit amount
  • See a breakdown of each asset/unit by contract number
  • Get an explanation on how your balance is broken down by vehicle
  • Find details on how your can access your payments
  • Access a full overview of your stock plan with details on how your funds are split

Top tip

You only need to apply 'once' to set up your stock funding account, and then you can choose how you would like to split your funding.  Source your vehicles from wherever you choose, within one facility.

All the benefits of Stock Funding are also available via the Click Platform