V12VF £100Million Milestone

V12 Vehicle Finance (V12VF) - powered by Secure Trust Bank - reaches the £100Million stock funding milestone!

Since launching its stock funding solution in 2019, the vehicle finance brand has supported 245 dealers source stock and finance used vehicles. Reaching £50million worth of stock funding in September 2021, V12VF has doubled its loan value of loans advanced in less than five months.

V12VF attributes the boost in demand for its stock funding to its unique proposition of streamlining operations for dealers. To achieve this, the company works with 11 auction houses across the UK, allowing the team to best match dealers with auctioneers that best meet their stock profile and quickly identify unsold stock. Dealers will also have access to auction partner apps to buy and sell stock at their convenience.

Alongside this, V12VF's digital hub and technology-led partners means that dealers are able to fund 100% of the vehicle's value and choose the best way to finance it via various options e.g. Trade, Auction and Part Exchange.

Tim Maffey, Finance Director at V12 Vehicle Finance, said: "We want to empower dealers to make the best decisions for their businesses and growth ambitions. We recognise that no two dealers are the same, which is why we have developed simple and flexible systems which are integrated with our auction partners. This allows us to create a fully bespoke approach for our customers.

"We have a unique relationship with our auction partners and we fully understand their demographics, age mix and profile of the cars being sold, allowing our Account Managers to advise our dealers of new opportunities to purchase when profitable vehicles become available."

For more information about V12 Vehicle Finance, please visit: https://www.v12vf.co.uk/