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AccountScore and Secure Trust Bank are delighted to announce a further development in their partnership.

Building on the successful roll out of AccountScore's market leading Open Banking solution on the bank's V12 Vehicle Finance brand, the partnership will now increase in scope to the bank's near prime car finance, Moneyway brand.

Moneyway has adopted Open Banking, instead of asking for customers to send in bank statements, allowing for huge improvements in its loan processing times. Additionally, the solution will allow Moneyway to gain instant and accurate analysis of a customer's financial circumstances as part of applications received from leading broker, Zuto.

James Wilkinson, CEO at Zuto said "We are delighted to be working with Moneyway on this - finding new ways to make things easier for our customers and simplifying the car financing process".

Emma Steeley, CEO, AccountScore, commented "We are thrilled to hear that Secure Trust Bank will be extending their utilisation of Open Banking to Moneyway. The car finance market has been quick to adopt Open Banking and we look forward to continuing to work closely with Secure Trust Bank to enable them to make more efficient underwriting decisions. We look forward to further Open Banking adoption to even more facets of their business in the near future through our expanding partnership's" total customer base was well over 1.6 million.