Epyx 1Link Trade Buyer and V12 Vehicle Finance integrated systems

The option to buy used car and van stock using funding from V12 Vehicle Finance has been integrated into epyx's 1link Trade Buyer to create a seamless process for dealers.

Buyers will can link their existing V12VF account or apply for stock funding with the finance specialist. Then, when they want to purchase, they can add the vehicle to their facility as part of the platform's normal online process and receive instant confirmation.

1link Trade Buyer is used by a community of more than 3,500 franchise and independent vehicle retailers to buy stock from a number of major fleets including leading car and van leasing companies.

A soft launch to test the V12VF finance facility with a selected number of dealers has now been completed and the integration has been made available to all users, with the option of stock funding proving to be popular, said Debbie Fox, commercial director at epyx.

"The whole ethos of 1link Trade Buyer is to make it is as easy as possible for dealers to find and acquire the stock that they need to make their business a success. Adding an integrated funding option builds on this approach.

"We have chosen to work with V12VF thanks to their track record in the sector and because we believe that they share an overall corporate approach with epyx in terms of offering customers fast, effective, well-priced online products and services.

"Working together, we have been able to integrate them into our platform in a very clean manner, meaning that the option to buy using their finance is quick, easy and seamless."

"This is also part of a general digitalisation strategy that we have been pursuing in the wake of the pandemic, bringing added value to our platforms for dealers and other users."

David Nield, managing director at V12VF, added: "This partnership is an excellent way for 1link Trade Buyer users to be able to search for, buy and fund the vehicles they want to retail through a fast and effective online process."

"The relative speed and ease with which we were able to integrate our systems with epyx shows how alike our two companies are in terms of our commitment to creating seamless technological processes that make life simpler for dealers."

"Since our launch in 2019, we have seen rapid growth by being very careful in choosing the companies with which we partner and we believe that this new collaboration will prove to be a valuable new addition to the channels through which we work."

More details are available for dealers at FindStockandFinance.com.