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Stock Funding

Stock Funding

V12 Vehicle Finance has a range of stocking plans for independent and franchised dealers, giving you the option to source your vehicles from wherever you choose.

How do you decide what Stocking plan is right for you?

  • Source used cars through Aston Barclay’s range of physical and digital auctions

    • Aston Barclay Stock Funding, in partnership with V12 Vehicle Finance – powered by Secure Trust Bank – means you’re in award-winning, very safe hands
    • Independent and Franchise dealer plans are available, so we’ve got the perfect plan for you. A single-funded value ceiling of £50,000 for our independent dealer plan and £65,000 for our franchised dealer plan means you can get the stock you want on your forecourt
    • Up to 120 days financing, easing the burden on your cashflow

    With the simple press of a button within the Aston Barclay Buyer’s App, you can conveniently add vehicles to your Stock Funding plan.

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    How do I get started?

    • Apply for Aston Barclay Stock Funding. Please ensure you have your Aston Barclay Trade Account Number available. If you don’t have an account, you can apply today (and it’ll only take a few minutes!)
  • Stocking a dealer forecourt is about to become easier with the launch of our new V12 Vehicle Finance Trade & Forecourt Stock Funding plan

    Trade & Forecourt benefits at a glance:

    • Enables funding of vehicles up to 100% CAP Clean (including VAT on LCVs)
    • Gives you up to 120-day financing
    • Helps you to manage your cash flow and stock levels more efficiently by adding and removing vehicles at any time
    • Provides a maximum single-funded value of £50,000 on our Independent dealer plan and £65,000 on our Franchised dealer plan
    • Allows for the funding of your part exchange and trade-sourced stock

    How do I get started?

    • Register your interest for Stock Funding today

    If you already have a V12 Vehicle Finance Stock Funding account, you don’t need to apply again.

    Top tips

    Manage all your Stock Funding via your CALMS account – everything is in one place

    You can also access Stock Funding through Click Dealer

    Call us on 0330 303 1293 to chat about your Stock Funding account

  • V12 Vehicle Finance digital integration with Click Dealer offers stocking plans for Independent and Franchised dealers, giving you more options to source your vehicles from wherever you choose, within one facility.

    The Click integration avoids the manual rekeying of data across multiple systems, ensuring all of your data is digitally captured to provide you with a frictionless journey from stock sourcing through to customer financing.

    Our integration is designed to make your administrative processes more efficient, allowing you to concentrate on what matters the most; selling more cars more often.

    Click benefits at a glance

    • With a few simple clicks of a button, ClickStock provides you with the functionality to pay, fund and manage your vehicle stock in one place
    • ClickDMS includes additional functionality to manage, invoice, report and maintain your accounts within one facility
    • ClickWeb and Digital Marketing help to maximise consumer engagement, lead generation and conversion in the digital world
    • Within ClickStock, you can fund vehicles bought via auction, part-exchange, or trade, with V12 Vehicle Finance
    • ClickStock helps you to shop for vehicles in participating auctions, with pre-sale and ‘buy it now’ stock visible at all times
    • All the existing benefits of Stock Funding are available through the Click platform

    Find out more about Click Dealer

    How do I get started?

    • Register your interest for Stock Funding through Click Dealer

    Top tip

    Dealers need live accounts in place with each auction house to purchase vehicles

  • Helping dealers fund more cars and vans

    • Our plan gives franchised dealers the facility to fund their demonstrators and courtesy cars within one combined stocking facility
    • Fund newly registered vehicles up to 90-days old with a maximum vehicle value of £65,000
    • Combine trade & forecourt funding with dealer vehicle funding plans subject to a minimum overall facility of £200,000 of which 25% is dedicated to DVP funding
    • Fund 100% of the vehicle’s wholesale price including factory fitted options for 180 days with no capital down payments until the end of the term
    • Early settlement is available either on the vehicle sale or when the mileage reaches 10,000
    • Manage cash flow and stock levels more efficiently by adding vehicles when required. All vehicles must be fully settled at 180 days with the flexibility to re-finance vehicles via our trade and forecourt stock funding plan

    How do I get started?

    • Dealers need to have a Trade & Forecourt account if they haven’t already got one. Apply here
    • Franchised dealers only can apply