V12 Vehicle Finance - helping dealers sell more used vehicles more often

V12 Vehicle Finance – powered by Secure Trust Bank – is a comprehensive used vehicle proposition that is unique to the automotive and remarketing industries.

Working in strategic partnership with Aston Barclay, which has an extensive range of products and services, the V12 Vehicle Finance hub provides everything dealers need to sell more used cars and vans, more often – from sourcing and funding wholesale stock, through valuing and underwriting part‐exchanges, to financing a customer’s vehicle and managing its in‐life costs.

Stock Funding - Helping dealers, source, fund and stock more used cars and vans

Stock Funding 

Helping dealers source, fund and stock more used cars and vans

The Aston Barclay stock funding plan, powered by V12 Vehicle Finance, enables dealers to source and fund used cars and vans via physical and digital auctions. The plan offers a single vehicle funded value ceiling of £50,000 for our independent dealer plan and £65,000 for our franchised dealer plan, a minimum funded value of £1,500 applies. Both offer financing up to 120 days.

With the simple press of a button on the Aston Barclay Buyers App, dealers can add vehicles to their stock funding plan, providing the convenience to easily replenish used vehicle forecourts. V12 Vehicle Finance will fund 100% of the auction hammer price of a car or van up to 3.6 tonnes including the usual auction and vehicle delivery charges. VAT can also be fully funded on vans. As an added convenience, costs associated with Aston Barclay Enhanced, a smart repair and refurbishment service can be added to the loan up to 10% of vehicle hammer price, capped at £1,000.

V12 Vehicle Finance welcomes working with dealers who stock electric cars, hybrids and vans. All vehicles can be funded up to 15 years of age providing the mileage is less than 120,000 miles at the start of the funding period. Classic cars, motorhomes, modified vehicles or other vehicle types are excluded.

Making payments to V12 Vehicle Finance is simple via monthly direct debits, supported by clear online statements, giving dealers complete transparency of what they are paying for and when.

View our short video to find out more about Aston Barclay Stock Funding, powered by V12 Vehicle Finance


Maximum funded values include VAT for cars and are plus VAT for Commercials 


How to get started

If you already have an Aston Barclay Trade Account -  Apply for Stock Funding (Terms and Conditions apply)


Apply for Aston Barclay Trade Account

(Please note, you must have an Aston Barclay Trade Account - to apply for Stock Funding)

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Customer Vehicle Finance - Prime and Near-Prime Purchase and Personal contract Purchase (PCP)

Customer Vehicle Finance

Prime and Near‐Prime Hire Purchase and Personal Contract Purchase (PCP)

V12 Vehicle Finance enables dealers to provide hire purchase to customers, with prime or near‐ prime credit ratings. We provide access to prime and near-prime finance rates with advances up to £55,000 and £20,000 respectively. Our advanced rate‐for‐risk scoring solution and rate card enables dealers to provide the very best financing terms for prime and near-prime customers. This enables dealers to place the vast majority of customers in a vehicle the first time they make an application.

In Winter 2019 we will be launching our V12 used car Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) plan for prime customers. PCP will be offered with advances up to £55,000 and terms from 24‐48 months.

We make swift credit underwriting decisions, with the majority of customers signing e‐documents. All funds are transferred promptly on a next day basis to keep dealer cash‐flow in the right place.

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V12 Service Assist - Enabling dealers to smooth our those in-life costs of servicing and unplanned repair bills

V12 Service Assist

Enabling customers to smooth out those in-life costs of servicing and unplanned repair bills

Our Service, Repair and Accessory financing package has been developed for dealers to help remove the financial pressure that drivers can experience when faced with servicing or unplanned replacement parts or repair costs. Drivers can simply spread the payments over a six or ten* month term at 0% interest‐free with loan values available between £250 (inc any VAT) and £2,500 (inc any VAT).

V12 Service Assist enables drivers to fund any desired dealer‐fit accessories to meet their lifestyle choices. The Service, Repair and Accessory Financing package offers dealers an attractive customer loyalty and retention tool.

Dealer‐fit accessories can also be financed on 0% interest free, which enables dealers to run themed marketing campaigns for those added customer lifestyle purchases such as fitting a tow bar, roof box, ski‐rack or child's car seat. Customers can even upgrade their alloy wheels using this product.

As with all V12 Vehicle Finance customer processes, applying for financing is simple, quick and paperless, courtesy of our digital and e‐signature technology.

*Ten month term - first month deposit required

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Aston Barclay - giving dealers access to the widest range of remarketing products

The suite of digital products, powered by our partner Aston Barclay, combined with its network of state‐of‐the‐art physical remarketing hubs enables Aston Barclay to give dealers access to the widest range of remarketing products to help maximise value and returns, at all stages of the used vehicle life cycle.

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e-Valuate - vehicle appraisal solution


e-Valuate is an intuitive, configurable vehicle appraisal solution providing data capture and imaging to produce market leading valuations with the option to receive underwrite guarantees. e-Valuate is the first step for dealers wishing to dispose of used vehicle stock via the e-Xchange platform, or send vehicles to physical sale.

e-Xchange - online bidding and Buy Now

e‐Xchange Stock Sourcing

Our timed auction solution delivers a 24/7 marketplace, offering live online bidding and Buy Now functionality. The e‐Xchange vehicle remarketing process enables dealers to dispose of wholesale stock with the ability to list vehicles 24/7, and with full price management. e‐Xchange gives dealers the control to buy and sell stock anytime from anywhere.

Physical &Online Auctions - market and dispose of overage and unwanted vehicle stock

Physical & Digital Auctions

Our range of remarketing solutions provide dealers with a variety of routes to market for disposing of their overage and unwanted vehicle stock. Our network of physical auctions fully integrate with a range of industry‐leading digital solutions, creating the optimum remarketing environment for buyers, helping them source and buy more used stock more often.