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V12 Vehicle Finance are fully integrated within Codeweavers platform, allowing you to choose Prime HP or Near Prime HP (Moneyway) as your 1st string or 2nd string providers.

With Codeweavers’ flexible digital solutions, consumers can apply for finance anytime, anywhere. Consumers can create as many finance quotes as they want on many vehicles, giving them the options that they may need.

A configured experience

Just like when consumers configure a car for a truly personalised experience, we have partnered with Codeweavers to do the same with the finance journey. Offering consumers a unique portal where they can go in and configure the vehicle and finance quotes that have been put together and they can select what is best for them.

Putting higher spec cars in their vision

Consumers can view and interact with multiple vehicles and bespoke finance quotes. Letting you present to your consumers, vehicles they may never have considered they could afford.

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How do I get started?

If you would like further information about our products or partners, please contact us by clicking the button below and one of our account managers will be happy to speak to you.

Codeweavers’ wide range of finance calculators, typically located on your vehicle details page, can ensure that design and functionality are perfectly integrated into your website. Codeweavers solutions can be applied across multiple finance products and lenders, with a dedicated calculator for V12 Vehicle Finance and Moneyway.


How do I convert more leads?

Whether you are looking at generating more finance leads or more leads where customers have reserved a vehicles on your website, Codeweavers platform includes a range of lead generation tools that get your consumers who are interested in your cars to inquire right there and then.


Codeweavers find leads that are more likely to convert into a sale, that are generated from their finance calculators. Consumers can personalise a finance quote to what they are happy with, once they have done this, they can then go on to apply for finance with either V12 Vehicle Finance or Moneyway. They can email the quote to themselves, print the quote or see if they are eligible for the finance offer in question directly from the calculator.


Once a consumer starts completing a form, Codeweavers will send their information instantly to you, even if they don’t fully complete a form as they capture data line by line.

For more product information visit Codeweavers website.