V12VF Sales Leadership Team Team Building Day

The V12 Vehicle Finance sales leadership team, consisting of Ryan Bellinger, Nicola Henry, Adam Meads, Russell Martin, Tamara Brown, and Sean Ryan had a not so ordinary training day when the team was taken outside of their comfort zone to enjoy a different approach to management training.

The workshop was run by "Get The Edge", a husband-and-wife duo of Jon and Lisa Davies. With over 30 years' experience, they're specialists in training, coaching and staff development, with a mission to give each client the competitive edge they need to succeed in business, taking the classroom to the outdoors to bring the theory to life.

Team building day photo 1
V12 Vehicle Finance's Sales Leadership Team

Get The Edge have a wealth of experience having worked with some of the world's largest brands including British Airways, Suzuki, Mercedes Benz, Ford, Spec Savers, Honda and Nissan.

The team focussed on V12 Vehicle Finances' company vision and strategy, looking at how they can live and breathe it by developing a positive culture and alignment with our sales teams' personal values and aspirations. One other piece of key learning was navigating the eco-friendly composting toilets on site which was a first for the team and certainly got the team out of their comfort zones!

Team Building day photo 2Tamara & Russell team building

Jon and Lisa were keen to stress about who 'we serve' and that as Leaders, our purpose is to serve our direct reports. Throughout the day, both Lisa and Jon worked hard to understand everyone's personalities in the group and the business they work within, to discover and understand the impact of positive thinking.

Team building day 3

Nicola Henry, Sales Manager North, said "The Get the Edge Training really opened my eyes to how important as a management team we collaborated and worked together. We were thrown into tasks that challenged how we communicated, and strategized as a team, under time constraints with a survival rescue mission scenario. We really discovered key strengths and more importantly what we needed to develop and work on as a leadership team."

During some fun and energetic sessions there were lots of laughs and lots of learning for the team. The drive is now to put all that was learnt into practice as they kick off how they excel as leaders in the business for the remainder of 2023 and beyond, with our mission to become the most trusted specialist lender in the UK in mind!Tea building 4