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V12 Vehicle Finance has received it's Silver Member status from the Automotive 30% Club, a network founded with the purpose of achieving better gender balance within the automotive industry.


Becoming a Silver Member of the Automotive 30% Club displays the proactive steps we have taken to reaching the targets set out in our recently published ED&I strategy. In support of women in the automotive spaces, which are usually male dominated, we took part in the Automotive 30% Club's 'Inspiring Automotive Women' campaign and recognised great women in their team.

Catherine Allford, Head of Collections, said 'Nikki has supported me by helping me feel confident in what I can often be a male dominated industry, to help me recognise my strengths, and how to leverage these. As a result, I am less anxious about entering the room, when I know I am going to be the only woman there. This creates opportunities for me to take myself out of my comfort zone and develop my skills.'

Another huge congratulations goes to Heidi Price, Business Change Manger. Katie Harris, Motor Collections, said: Heidi is an exceptional worker. I watch her in meetings, navigating professionally and holding her own - in some cases in a male dominated room. I look up to Heidi a lot and learn so much from her all the time!'

Together, we're creating a Group where all our colleagues can fulfil their ambitions.