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Since June 2019, the VAS and V12 Vehicle Finance teams have worked to build a secure and trusting relationship. The VAS service combines Asset Protection Recovery and Stock Audit.

V12 Vehicle Finance, powered by Secure Trust Bank, has a powerful hub of products that makes it easy for a dealer to source, buy, sell and finance used vehicles. Illustrating how just one call unlocks a range of services, from critical audits through to asset auction, V12 Vehicle Finance saw how combining these services provides significant efficiency benefits for customers.

The Asset Protection service helps funders to recover assets when a dealer experiences a 'distress situation'.  VAS will either secure or remove their assets from site on behalf of V12 Vehicle Finance and store them at a nominated site, or use the secure locations of our partner, Wilson's. Recognising that this can be a difficult time for a dealer and their employees, the team will manage this process professionally and with respect.

Meanwhile, the Stock Audit service has been designed to be comprehensive and bespoke for each funder. VAS works with funders to ensure the audit process is sufficiently robust for each dealer risk profile, and, combined with advanced reporting tools; including key risk metrics and automatic warning flags - VAS proactively manages the risk and provides full support.

David Mercer, V12 Vehicle Finance's Managing Director, said:

"The VAS partnership helps us to build a secure and trusting relationship with our dealers. We are looking forward to building a close working relationship with VAS at what is a very exciting time for us. We're revolutionising used vehicle stock sourcing, funding and customer financing for UK dealers."

Darren Gillham, Head of Vehicle & Asset Solutions, added:

"We are delighted that V12 Vehicle Finance has chosen VAS for a combined service offering of Stock Audits and Asset Protection Recovery services. It is certainly an exciting time for V12 Vehicle Finance and it is fantastic to have been chosen as their Audit and Recovery partner. We are very much looking forward to continuing to build on the close working relationship that has been established with V12 Vehicle Finance over many years into the future."

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