Drive with Prime

V12 Vehicle Finance tasked HDY with introducing the product to a 'prime audience'. The agency took the PMW Financial and Legal Award for generating impressive leads for the national sales team with a smart use of targeted personas. 


HDY Agency, Drive with Prime

V12 Vehicle Finance 

HDY Agency was tasked with introducing the product to a 'prime audience', those with an impeccable credit rating and who therefore qualify for a premium lending offering, and generating substantial leads for the national sales team. 

Target personas were built using data from existing clients and one-to-one interviews with the target audience. This helped identify common search behaviour, forum groups on LinkedIn and Facebook to target, and key media publications to partner with to amplify campaign reach.

The 'Drive with Prime' campaign proposition was based around  'keeping you moving' and came to life as a digitally-led, dynamic campaign designed to empower the audience. It featured digital adverts, emails and gated content, alongside an optimised landing page and a product video. With movement, energy and confidence at its core, there were strong colours, kinetic typography and cut-through copy to create a campaign with character.

As the campaign developed, adverts were tweaked for maximum results. Using key campaign findings, HDY Agency optimised keywords, updated the landing page and continued to generate leads for the business.

Results were impressive with regards to total impressions, total link clicks, the amount of  opportunity won and opportunities created. The first email had an open rate of 52%, securing multiple pieces of PR coverage and reaching a significant online readership, while paid social performance was exceptionally high, too.


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