What makes us different?

When we designed our full proposition, we decided to make some brave decisions to truly set us apart in the market.

Fully Agnostic

We decided to be fully open with our APIs and system agnostic with whom we integrate. We partner with all the major Finance & Income platforms which support UK dealers.  What this fully agnostic approach means is that we do not dictate to dealers which Finance & Income platforms you use to drive your business. When dealers are choosing which lenders to place on their finance panels, we can appear on all the pick lists.

Pricing Approach

When we spoke to our dealers, we recognised that one size wouldn’t fit all in terms of their business models.

Whilst other lenders had to change their pricing approaches on discretionary commission structures, we were already running on a fully compliant model.

Our system is fully capable of allowing each dealer to be set up on individual commercial terms, even setting low APRs to help dealers compete against high street personal loan offers.

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Personal Contract Purchase (PCP)


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Helping customers with simple and clear products, with finance at the core of the journey

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Motor Finance Validation Terms

Motor Finance Validation Terms

Not sure if your dealership is eligible for our Motor Finance products?

Take a look at our validation terms and see if you can start selling more vehicles with V12 Vehicle Finance.

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