V12VF's PCP - What you need to know


With V12 Vehicle Finance Personal Contract Purchase (PCP), we can help your dealership sell more vehicles, more often.  We believe in proper partnerships with our dealers. Partnerships that actually mean something.

In a monthly payment-driven market, we understand the value of higher residuals and how that can help to close more sales. That’s why we’ve launched our PCP solution.

V12VF's PCP broken down

  • Customers can borrow from £3,000 up to £55,000 for used cars up to five years old with no more than 108,000 miles.
  • Set the annual mileage to suit your customer, with a choice of between 6,000 and 30,000 miles per annum.
  • Financing can be spread over two, three and four years.
  • Under 5 years at the time of proposal, no older than 9 years at the end of agreement.
  • Petrol, Diesel, Hybrid and Plug in  Hybrid vehicles up to and including 5.0 litres

We really do pride ourselves on our account manager and dealer relationships. So much so, we recently put one to the test. Take a look at the video below…



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Why Choose Our Motor Finance?


Loan to value

With a loan to value of 120%, additional products like warranties, GAP and seat and paint protection, can be added to the loan.


Added value products

We support the funding of good quality additional products that help your customers enjoy their car confidently without worry.

soft search

Soft search facility

The soft credit search will not leave a footprint on your customer's credit profile. We only apply the hard footprint once the loan is paid out.


Rapid pay-outs

We don't like to keep our customers waiting. With over 85% of decisions automated, our experienced team speedily underwrite the majority of referred proposals, with over 90% of pay-out documents turned around very quickly.

Smart technology

Smart end-to-end technology

Our smart technology makes vehicles sales easier with e-sign solutions and an online Customer Self-Service portal.


Minimal fees

Only one small fee of £10 at the end of contract, which the customer pays. We don't agree in large administration fees that make it harder for the customer to understand the offer.


National sales team

We have a friendly and highly trained field team that covers every region throughout the UK to deliver exceptional customer service and support your dealership.


We are competitive

As a bank we can provide competitive rates and attractive commissions.

Our partners can help you sell more vehicles, more efficiently

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