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Customer Vehicle Finance


Customer Vehicle Finance

We provide Hire Purchase (HP) finance products tailored for both your Prime and Near Prime customers.


Prime (HP)

In early 2021, we'll be launching our V12 Vehicle Finance Prime used car Hire Purchase (HP).

Prime HP financing terms range from 24 to 60 months for used vehicles no older than 12 years old at the end of the agreement. To qualify for Prime HP a vehicle must not exceed a maximum mileage of 110k miles at the beginning of the agreement.

Why choose V12 Vehicle Finance - Prime HP for your business?

Here are eight great reasons:

  1. Loan to Value - With a loan to value of 110%, additional products like warranties, GAP and seat and paint protection, can be added to the loan.

  2. Added value products - We support the funding of good quality additional products that help your customers enjoy their car confidently without worry

  3. Soft Search Facility - The soft credit search will not leave a footprint on your customer's credit profile. We only apply the hard footprint once the loan is paid out
  4. Rapid Payouts - We don't like to keep our customers waiting. With 80% of decisions automated, our experienced team underwrite the majority of referred proposals, with over 90% of payout documents turned around very quickly.
  5. Smart-End-To-End-Technology - We're partnered with White Clarke Group to use their Calms Consumer platform, which has on and off premises e-sign solutions and an on-line Customer Self-Service Portal
  6. Minimal fees - Only one small fee of £10 at the end of contract, which the customer pays. We don't agree in large administration fees that make it harder for the customer to understand the offer
  7. National Sales Team - We have a friendly and highly trained field team that covers every region throughout the UK to deliver exceptional customer service and support your dealership.
  8. We are competitive - As a bank we can provide competitive rates and attractive commissions.


Near Prime (HP)

Our Near Prime HP plan is available through our sister brand, Moneyway and offers financing terms from 24 to 60 months provided the vehicle is no older than 12 years old at the end of the agreement. To qualify for HP a vehicle must not exceed a maximum mileage of 100k miles at the beginning of the agreement.

Working with Moneyway, means you're dealing with a trusted brand that has over 12 years' experience of financing.

Why choose Moneyway for your Near Prime business?

Here are seven reasons:

  1. Multiple tiers of Near-Prime rates matched to your customers' circumstances
  2. Soft search facility that won't show on your customers' credit profile until pay-out
  3. Finance deals accepted and paid out in less than one hour
  4. Competitive rates and commissions available
  5. No document fees
  6. Zero commission debit back policy
  7. We accept retired customers and those receiving state benefits

Our advanced rate-for-risk Near Prime scoring solution and Prime rate card enable you to provide the very best financing terms for all your customers. This means you no longer need to fear losing a customer as we can place the majority of your customers in a vehicle without any major delays to their credit approval decision.