Register your interest for a V12VF Stock Funding account
If you do not operate as a limited company, please apply for our stock funding product here. 
Cazoo Wholesale

Cazoo Wholesale is one of the fastest growing wholesale vehicle market places.

Offering all Cazoo vehicles which fall outside strict retail parameters as well as part exchange and end of contract vehicles for dealer groups and leading fleet and leasing vendors, Cazoo Wholesale offers 1,000s of vehicles for sale 24 hours a day, 365 days a year through exclusive digital auctions. 

The vehicles offered to registered trade buyers are a truly exceptional mixture across all brands, market segments, specifications and price brackets in sales split by vehicle profile or vendor, giving buyers a straightforward and simple avenue to source new retail stock.


CW Assured


All vehicles offered for sale are imaged, inspected and either graded to NAMA or our own LCV standards. To provide total trust, transparency and confidence, vehicles under 12 years old are also offered with CW Assured at no additional cost.

With Cazoo Wholesale’s simple and straightforward single tier buyer fees, buyers of all sizes enjoy exceptional value for money, helping to generate maximum retail returns.

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Want to know more about V12VF Stock Funding?

Register your interest for a V12 Vehicle Finance Stock Funding account

If you do not operate as a limited company, please apply for our stock funding product here. 

Explain more about Stock Funding with V12 Vehicle Finance

  • A single-funded value ceiling of £65,000 means you can get the stock you want on your forecourt.
  • Up to 120 days financing, easing the burden on your cashflow.
  • Simple payment – One single monthly Direct Debit for fees and interest charges. Simple payments with maximum transparency.
  • 100% Funding – 100% of hammer price on cars and LCVs plus auction and delivery fees (including auction and refurbishment fees).
  • V12 Vehicle Finance portal – Stock funding platform that provides flexible stocking options.

How do I get started?

  1. Complete our form to register your interest for a stock funding facility here.
  2. Our Dedicated Account Managers will be in contact with you to discuss your requirements
  3. Funding will be confirmed (subject to approval) by our Dealer Support Team
  4. Purchase your vehicles at a Cazoo Wholesale sale, quote your V12 Vehicle Finance account number and we’ll pay the invoice price to Cazoo Wholesale – Purchase of vehicles can be at the cash desk or via website.

What are the requirements to open a stock funding account?

  • VAT registered dealer in the UK
  • Physical premises where customers can view cars/vans for sale
  • Operating for at least 12 months and have filed accounts

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Discover how V12 Vehicle Finance can make funding easier and help you sell more vehicles.

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