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If you are experiencing problems with making payment on your car, it is important to contact us as early as possible on 03303 303 0567. Depending on your situation, you may want to seek independent advice. For free, independent advice, visit:

Voluntary Termination
Under the Consumer Credit Act 1974, you have the right to terminate your Hire Purchase or Personal Contract Purchase agreement at any time before the end of the contractual term. If you exercise your right to voluntary terminate the agreement, you will have nothing further to pay as long as:-

  • You have paid up to half of the total amount payable under the agreement; and
  • You return the car with no damages over reasonable wear and tear.

If you have not paid up to 50% of the total amount payable, then you will be liable for the difference between what you have paid and the amount to take you to the half. You will also be liable for any costs over and above reasonable wear and tear, as well as any applicable excess mileage charges.


Voluntary Surrender
This method is also known as voluntary repossession or voluntary vehicle surrender. This option is used where you are no longer able to meet the loan repayments, and therefore it is mutually agreed between the debtor (the customer) and the finance company (V12 Vehicle Finance/Moneyway) to terminate the agreement and return the vehicle.

Please contact our Collections Department on 0330 303 0567.


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